Anxiety Sedation

Does the idea of visiting the dentist make you nervous or anxious?  Are you neglecting the dental care you need because of dental anxiety?  You aren’t alone.  Millions of Americans avoid visiting their dentist because of their fear and anxiety.  This process can compound minor problems into major ones.  At Durango Dental, we can help you overcome your fears and anxiety and help you feel confident about maintaining the highest levels of oral health.  With our gentle touch and calm, personalized care, we can help you relax and even enjoy the time spent at your Durango dentist!

Oral Medication

Oral medication is safe, effective, and affordable. It is used for mild and moderate anxiety and can help even the most stressed patients relax. This type of medication is more effective than laughing gas and is easier to administer. Simply swallow a small pill an hour before your appointment so your body and mind have enough time to enter into a state of complete relaxation.

Nitrous Oxide-NO2 (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas allows patients to relax right before the procedure begins and then get back to school, work, or whatever they need to immediately after! Nitrous oxide is the perfect solution for mild cases of anxiety.  The effects of the nitrous oxide can be felt minutes after you take your first breath from the demand-valve inhaler placed over your nose.  

During your visit, let us know if you are feeling any anxiety or stress and we can discuss our stress-management options with you and customize a treatment plan to give you the worry-free and relaxed dental visit you deserve! 

Whether you need a filling or a complete overhaul, an anxiety-free appointment can help you get dental care in complete comfort!