Root Canal Therapy

When tooth decay is allowed to progress unchecked it can result in immense pain and even life-threatening orofacial infection.   If the neurovascular tissue inside of a tooth is penetrated and infected by harmful bacteria, a root canal treatment is the first step to restoring a painful tooth back to normal function.   Root canals are usually painless and typically take longer to complete than the average dental filling.   Dr. Belt has received extensive training in the most modern equipment and techniques to provide this imperative treatment right here in our office at Durango Dental.

Periodically teeth with large silver fillings can develop cracks that allow harmful bacteria to penetrate to the inside of the tooth where this same infective process occurs.  Whether initiated by untreated tooth decay or normal wear and tear that generates cracks in your teeth, root canal therapy helps remove and sterilize the infected tissue from the inside of a tooth.  Dr. Belt will make every effort to help you resolve a painful or even abscessed tooth.  If you have tooth pain but have been putting off appropriate treatment, it is time to make an appointment with your Durango Dental team today. Call (970) 259-3112 now!